Jugs (& Other Climbing Double Entendres).

When I first started climbing, knowing me and my vulgar sense of humour I found the common term 'jugs' for a hold type hilarious. Then I was unable to get through two consecutive sentences without a smutty double entendre, or smirking in response to one.

After almost 2 years climbing at the end of April,  not much has really changed. I still laugh but I am more inclined to keep it to myself. But not today. To celebrate this milestone I've listed a few climbing phrases and terms. So quit trying to pretend you aren't corrupted like the rest of us salacious adults, for a life lived prudishly is boring.

Stay cheeky and enjoy.

'Basically get over the lip and then it's jugs for days.'

'Place your protection carefully...'

'Nice rack.'

'Take Me!'

'Crank hard' 





Nut tool

Hand jam

Fist jam




Three finger pocket, Two finger pocket, one finger pocket, fingery... anything to do with fingers. 

The Females You'll Meet Climbing

The Females You'll Meet Climbing

Shiver Me Tinders #2

Shiver Me Tinders #2