Jugs (+ Other Climbing Double Entendres).

Quit trying to pretend you aren't corrupted like the rest of us salacious adults, for a life lived prudishly is boring.

Stay cheeky and enjoy.

  • Nut tool
  • Hand jam
  • Fist jam
  • Dry-tooling
  • Whipper
  • Three finger pocket, Two finger pocket, one finger pocket, fingery... anything to do with fingers. 
  • ' Jugs for days.'
  • 'Nice rack.'
  • 'In hard'
  • Flapper
  • Dogging
  • Flash
  • Tea-bagging
The Females You'll Meet Climbing

The Females You'll Meet Climbing

Shiver Me Tinders #2

Shiver Me Tinders #2